A shout out to Ellen DeGeneres and Cheerios!!

As you all know I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres she is my inspiration and would love to do what she does in America here in the UK. My imagination of hearing peoples stories and being able to do more than say how sorry I am to hear that.

I am not wanting a flash car, millions in my bank but I want to become someone who everyone knows is the one that will do her hardest to make a difference.

I sent this to Cheerios who sponsor Ellen and help many amazing stories.

Please message CHEERIOS on their Facebook page sending this link of the website xx

Also send to Ellen DeGeneres at this link

This will not be just for me but to help all of you xx

Hi there Cheerios.

Firstly want to thank you for all the support you do with Ellen DeGeneres. She inspires me every day. I have wrote to her hoping she spots me out of the millions of emails letters she receives.
I am in the UK and I am doing a radio show. I do stories from animal advocates saving animals where one I got a American animal shelter shut down with a group of advocates when I got sent videos of dogs being put down with a third of the euthanisation drug which was taking them 2 hours to die. I made American news with my fb page. Also my listeners raised £4,200 to get a plane over to Belfast next morning for my reporter to speak to Belfast CITY Council to save a dog called Lennox. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to save him but proved what we can do.
I want to do more shows on different topics. I lost my brother to suicide 3 years this November and I want to help families going through that and save other men and women from saying that’s enough x
I lost my little girl at 2 days old in 1996. She was 9lb 1oz and I didn’t even know anything was wrong. I have lost all my grandparents one to cancer one to dementia and those families going through that need me x
Then I help at my daughters old school with parents who really are struggling with their children.
I had 4 children and struggled some parts as a single parent. I am not to proud to say I did ok but feel I let them down in some ways.
I feel I was meant to go through this pain to help and save others. So many people are crying out for someone to understand. To be there for them. So I was wondering if you could please help to help people like Ellen does. Or if you could maybe have a little word with Ellen. I’ve tears rolling down my face with hope that this will reach someone who can help me help others reach their dreams so I can save people from some heart ache and support those needing it x
I dont so believe in God but I know my family is watching over me and I so want to make them and my partner my children proud.
I have a website
www.asksue.co.uk it has reached 30 countries already. I have a Facebook page www.facebook.com/asksueradioshow and my radio show is an internet radio based one which I am hoping one day someone will help me get on a bigger platform.
Anyway I’ve took enough of your time xx
Anything you can do to help, sponsor or share this with Ellen I would be so so grateful.
My grandad told me if you dont ask you dont get xx
Share the love today and be happy x
Aka Ask Sue xx

Please everyone share this to Ellen and everyone connected to her.