About AskSue

Hello and welcome to the Ask Sue Website.

Alot of you already know alot about me some have just found me!!

Well I’m Sue, I am with my partner Chris, my children Kimberley Jamie Emma and Janna and Chris’s son Ben. Also now a Nanny to Lexie Calvin and Layla-Esme. This is my very special family.

I have been doing the radio for quite some time now and love it!!!

Left it for a while after having to find myself and sorting my life and my family but I am back better than before.

I am a strong animal advocate with furbabies of my own and an animal and wildlife lover.

I will be doing animal advocate shows, psychic shows, community stories including in my new area of Fylde. But catching up with old friends in America too. Also videos showing the areas around too.


I am back to give yet again a “Voice to the Voiceless”

Have you a story you would like to share etc. Then please message me.

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