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Hello and Welcome to Ask Sue the Animal Advocate.

To the followers of Ask Sue already know of my fight to help all animal advocates get the animal stories out there.

There is a worse breed than Rottweilers, Staffies, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds

You may even know one of these breeds!!!! Yes the human race itself!!!

How many of you have looked at a puppy and thought that is a nasty dog that will bite!!!

EXACTLY!!! I rescued my rotty now called “Miracle” she was 14 weeks old and UNDER 4kg in weight – she didn’t get like that by her doing NO a human did it!!!!!

How many of you have seen a kid that has been bitten by a dog??? How many asked what happened to that dog for it to bite that kid???? Ie like a ex friend of mine had a dog the kid got bit by their dog. I asked what happened she said he was eating a sandwich…. I asked when was the dog fed ….. the day before!!!! So the dog was after something to eat!!! Blame the human not the dog!!!!

BSL laws well thats a huge story of a load of rubbish!! No true guidelines…. Look at Lennox in Belfast!!!

No dog licences???? why not …. would it help!!!


Owners responsible for their dogs

ALL dogs micro chipped

All dogs licenced … if spayed or neutered cheaper licence fee.

Not spayed and neutered then a higher licence fee because they want to breed from them!! making money!!! so let them pay for it as we have enough unwanted dogs!!!

People have 12 points like having a car licence abused animals then  high points or all taken off you no more licence for a dog. Dog loose once 2 points again 3 more etc after that lose licence and vet checks must be done every 12 months.

You do all this for a car – don’t want to do all this don’t have a dog!!!!

I get sent some horrific videos some you really wouldn’t want to watch

I remember seeing a dog called Buddy I own up to crying over this dog!!!!

buddy memory

I wrote this poem after he had to be put to sleep.

When they put him down they also found out he was missing a paw!!!!

I am watching…


Hello everyone nice of you to join the page in memory of me,

My cries for help were heard its just no one could see,


I just wish that they could of seen how much love I had inside,

I wanted to give them all my heart but they never heard my whimpers or my cry,


I dont know what I did to deserve this, I know Im not the only one

As I can see on this page, but unfortunatly now that I have gone


But please dont be like my owners who did this cruelty

 Just show the world whats happening Its all about reality


I know the pictures distress you imagine how I felt

I would have shared all the pictures but they didnt like how I smelt


I see so many suffering from pups to seniors too

what the hell is happening its up to all of you


You have to not ignore and dont pretend to be asleep

wake up and smell the roses Imagine I am at your feet


So look into their eyes and tell me it is to hard

All I ask is for a share or a home and back yard


All I needed was to be clean and fed

Time for cuddles, love and snuggle into bed


I see all these children get all these presents that their hearts desire

I only wanted love and attention I was a little trier


I often looked at myself in the reflection of where I lay

I use to sit and look at myself with some hope and pray


I sit here and wonder of all those still doing just that

sitting on their own and freezing in that old tin shack


Some with chains that limit them to how far they can go

Even though they can hardly move they are left out in the snow


I wonder how long it will be before we see an end

But before this ever happens write a letter and please send


Share the link of the page to groups and celebrities too

and ask them what they can and intend to do


Well I thank you again for the tears that youve shed

but please help me help the others find a home and a bed


But most of all find the care and the love and stop all the pain

Lets stop waking up to tomorrows to see more of these pages again


Thanks to those who shared me in my hours near my pass

and I thanks those who tried to save me with such special class


I know that you did love me near the end

I wish I found you sooner I could of been your buddy and you be my friend


So lets start the new year with some love and hope

Lets stop this cruelty together as on your own you will not cope


Know Im right here with you as you share all this pain

I will always be beside the suffering, to help them all through the strain


As I say a final goodbye do not forget me or those above

Because all we ever wanted was respect and to be loved 


Love from Buddy


After seeing this everyone should be an advocate and as ASK SUE has always been and always will be “A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS”

I have daily calls of many situations with dogs and cats. Any questions please email

PLEASE do not ever advertise your pets free to good home if your circumstances change let us try and help you.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you to all our excellent and committed advocates across the world.

Where are you in the world???

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