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Welcome to Ask Sue Furniture.


Ask Sue is always being asked for furniture. Ask Sue’s job is to source beautiful furniture. We do not want to pay the earth but we want to make our homes look the part.

Whether new or second hand we can cater for it all. We can do house, b&b’s hotels etc can be cleared. Then we can get people in to fix up paint etc for next tenant. Then complete with new furniture or with secondhand items.
Ask Sue also is able to deliver with the help of JOBZDUN (which Ask Sue and Chris her partner do!!)  Travelling up and down the country so just ask for a quote for delivery.
We can do deals on ie bedroom and living room sets.
Any letting agents who have customers who want to put new furniture in their properties we can cater for all your needs even setting up the properties too.
Hoteliers needing a few to renew all furniture? Then also get in touch for good deals.

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