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Welcome to Ask Sue and her Psychic Team

Since 2012 Sue Davies has interviewed and been joined by many internationally renown Psychics and mediums on her psychic shows and has developed a reputation for bringing her followers the very best in psychic and metaphysical dileanation. Sue has interviewed many leading world psychics including Derek Acorah, Colin Fry, Lisa Barretta, Psychic Max. Sue has also supported the very best upcoming new psychic’s and mediums the UK has to offer.

Due mainly to the success of her psychic shows and demand by her followers to connect them with reputable psychic’s Sue has decided to set up this page for those who seek psychic readings and guidance.

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Ask Sue Psychic Readings and Guidance Page

Email us today to book your reading via our contact page on this site. A psychic will respond within 24 hours and usually within a few minutes.

Sue is currently road testing reputable psychics for upcoming shows, do you have what it takes to read for people live on air? Contact Sue via the contact page if you think you have the skills needed. x

Ask Sue would like to send her deepest sympathy to Gwen and family on the news of the passing of Derek Acorah.

I had met and interviewed Derek and Gwen doing two different shows it was brilliant.  I was hoping to have done more with Derek.  I am hoping to interview Gwen in the future to hear of the fun and laughter and great memories she would like to share.

May he rest in peace and I am certain catching up with his good friend Colin Fry. xx