The Real Ask Sue

Here is the Real Ask Sue

I’m Sue, yes I’m a girlfriend to my partner Chris. I am a mum to my four children Kimberley Jamie Emma and Janna. Chris also has a son Ben. Chris and I are now grandparents to Lexie Calvin and Layla. Love them all xx

These magical people are my family xxx They are my strength and my weakness!! But I love them all so very much.

I love my pets too my furbabies, I will add pictures shortly.

I also love being busy, I am a country lass fetching wood, sawing it myself, getting the trailer on (yes can reverse it when no one looking!!)

I do many different things behind the scenes that most don’t see!!

Having had my brother commit suicide so support many others going through the same.

My daughter passing away after two days, never had a clue anything was even wrong.

Loss of my grandparents and other family members.

The loss of my three dogs within  a year!! Couldn’t cope with no dog in our house so we got Bella xx She is beautiful. A little sod at times she is a Labrador x Staffordshire bull terrier.

Love watching the birds on the feeders in the garden.

Sorting my life and wanting better …. looking for more.

watch this space … more updates coming.

Thanks for reading

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